Wealthy Affiliate – What got me into the “game”

I never thought I would seriously dedicate myself to the grooming of a website that contains posts, blogs and articles about my hobby. I wanna share with you guys how I got here and why I’ll continue with it.

How it started…

I started about 2 months ago. I wanted either to check out funny scam sites, which I still do on a regular basis. You gotta know that I also love to respond to e-mails or scam mails that claim that I lost my Amazon password. Here and there there are funny bot messages that appear on my screen. Anywho…

I stumbled over a blog by Frank Lam Sheung. Here’s his site: AffiliCoach – FrankIs.

I AM NOT ADVERTISING THIS SITE BY THE WAY! Just giving detailed info. Frank tried out various models to get money online. He tells you what he tried, how much time and effort you spend for a little money or a lot. He shows you screenshots and sooner or later he’ll mention Wealthy Affiliate a couple of times.

I clicked to the site. No flashy and annoying banners and pop-ups and ads I didn’t want to see. No credit card field.

So I said:”What the hell I got to lose? Let’s just spend some time for shizzle ‘n giggles on there to see how their scam is working.”

I tried out the free week and the lessons on there. It was quite appealing to me that the mention a couple of things like:

#1 Don’t expect to get a couple of millions in 2 days. This stuff on here takes some work to get some money out of this.

#2 You gotta see it on here like this: You’re doin’ a marathon on here, not a sprint. It’s not about one fast flash and quick cash grab. It’s more about a long dedication day by day or hour by hour or even month by month. You progress when you progress. The main point here is that you define the speed on here.

#3 They give you numbers why Wealthy Affiliate works out as a business model, BUT they also stay humble and honest and say that this is not THE 100% correct formula for earning perfectly fine and totally easy money. If you put yourself in though you’ll get more rewarded than you might expect. There are a lot of business models out there. You don’t have to roll with their stuff. In fact there are sites out there that offer the same stuff as Wealthy Affiliate for free. So why bother getting premium?

Here’s why:

– You get a basic version of Jaaxy that costs you 50$ instead of 80$ or so. Please don’t take the detail that to precisely. I just recollect a 100% of the info from my head to stay to a true text. This might be an amateurish thing to do, but it feels at least more honest that way.

– Kyle, one of the main founders of Wealthy Affiliate explains in video style and text style what you got to do in every lesson.

You direct the speed of the lessons and you got a big help base. You got a help and support forum. You got a live chat and the community always helps you so you help them and everyone helps everyone. The most selfish thing is to help others. This might sound like a crazy concept for you, but I also can relate to this very easily. It just makes sense.


You get very important training sessions…

They give you checklists and tips that you should consider for starting a successful business / site.



Where I am right now…

I’m not lying. So far I’ve not received a single cent. The first month cost me 20,00,-€ + 13,00,-€ for purchasing my own domain for a whole year. Next month it’ll cost me 50,00,-€. I know that the tools on here in collaboration with running those servers on there cost money. I know that these 50,00,-€ won’t kill me. I can always downgrade to the free mode. It also allows you to do all that stuff for free.

You can also check out other forums. A lot of people say it’s also possible to do this stuff for free but then you gotta do more research. Time that could’ve spent creating and learning only the important aspects of writing a post or creating a site. Not unnecessary bla. So I think the price is fair.

I also like the fact that I can listen to all my favorite music while editing and writing. That is a very creative process. I gotta tell you that. Everyone can write by the way. It’s a craft like anything else.

The near future…

My site is about music keyboards and what I can suggest and what not and my experience and what I wanna try out. I hope I’ll get better at writing and quicker and more eloquent and that my customers, if I got any yet, will be happy with my services and info. When this thing will work out proper than I will give back properly.

How can you expect that others give you a helping hand if you don’t start with yourself?

That’s the morale of the site and I honestly like that concept a lot.

This also means you are somewhat “forced” to help other people, but they’re honest about it and so are you.

The far future that I hope to achieve…

Making a living with this would be great. That would mean that I could travel the world while still working full time or half time or whatever schedule I’ll give myself. I make notes of everything and I wanna get good at writing. So this is why I took the “job” and why I wanna keep it for quite some time. I saw already high ranked posts that were about users that expressed their happiness that they were finally able to make a living with a laptop and an internet connection and that they can finally quit their day job. I got everything planned in my life. For the next 7 years I have planned when I will get a vaccine. So if I see this thing will fail, then I will delete this site.

Are you reading this right now? This means I didn’t delete the site or this certain post = success = can’t complain.


I hope I’ll see you in the future as a commentator on my site in the future.

Here’s the link to the site:

Wealthy Affiliate

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