The Steinberg Yamaha UR22

In order to work with music programs on a high-end basis, you need a proper sound card that follows through

your every order. If you just started with music software you probably have an onboard soundcard.

The usual motherboard soundcard is very poorly built and doesn’t match the requirements that audio software usually has.

Here comes the USB sound card into play.


Compare, make notes, compare more, make more notes

I only had one USB sound card in my life and that was and still is the Yamaha Steinberg UR22 MKI.

That’s why I throughout the suggestion to get yourself one too at first.

Then I’d suggest anything that has high reviews and good ratings.

Instead of saying you should take exactly this or that model, I suggest you go over to Thomann read for yourself what kind of interface you would want.

Like earlier mentioned most people prefer an USB interface for many reasons

Steinberg and Yamaha are my favorite companies, but there might be a personal preference for you though.

Essential hardware has its name, not from nothing. It is necessary to produce proper music on a big scale.

High-end audio interfaces support 192khz or even more. Nowadays it is really quite cheap to get a proper sound card.

Cubase 10 works for example perfectly with a Steinberg Yamaha device. Another product name or company might support other DAWs more therefore or even on the same level.

I think it is quite necessary for your audio interface to have a microphone jack plug. Some of those audio interfaces don’t have an audio jack for recording. Rather get one yourself before you regret it later.



As always there are many solutions for a problem that you encounter. You are always able to spend thousands of dollars to avoid using a computer or computer software. You can still use tapes or digital recorders. All this stuff costs a lot more though, might be old and is hard to use. Not to mention that you need a lot of roadies or friends that carry all that heavy stuff for you around. Before I even knew what an audio interface was, I was used to working completely in Cubase or watching YouTube videos. I didn’t know that my onboard soundcard wasn’t able to allow instances access to my soundcard. With the sound card that I’m having right now, I can record in multiple programs, play a song, play a movie, watch a YouTube Clip and mix their volumes in real time. Not that I would need that, except if I wanted to go insane maybe. But I always like gear that allows you to be free. You can do stuff that you would never need. This is for me personally an argument to convince me to buy a good game or certain software. You know you can do crazy stuff with it if you want, but you don’t want to do that yourself, so you limit the program to your needs or in this case the hardware that communicates with the software.


Some scary facts:

In general, hardware gets cheaper, better, faster. In the audio area though…

Have you ever noticed how your old smartphone recorded better voice messages and your new one sucks at it?

Have you ever noticed how useful tools disappeared in newer OS’ but were always available in the old OS’?

The manufacturers try to bring down their production costs at all levels, even if it means using older technology.

So while I made bad experiences back then… they might be good if you relate it to right now.

I think there is a good chance that you’re having a worse sound chip in your device while reading this than I have.

My disadvantage is old hardware, your disadvantage is that your manufacturer tried to minimize costs at all levels.

Have you ever recorded yourself on your computer with a cheap OR expensive mic? Or did you even record your guitar?

Did you notice how strange and off the sound felt, even though you recorded everything properly?

That is because those plugs on your motherboard did not build for high-end performance.

It’s enough for simple Skyping or Discord / TeamSpeak voice chatting, but other than that you got a problem.

Now I know there are some of you out there that prefer to stay “Lo-Fi” as an underground artist statement, or

simply because the money isn’t enough, but at some point, you need to improve your audio experience.

Maybe you don’t enjoy listening to music because your hardware isn’t right and you always thought you’re

just not the music-type, but in fact, everybody is a music type. There are so many genres out there and yet sadly

so much bad hardware out there too. So do yourself something good, treat yourself and spend some bucks

for a proper audio interface that you will love and cherish and appreciate every waking moment of your life.



Working with an onboard soundcard is very time-consuming. Time is money, therefore sometimes you save more money when you spent it. All those moments in anger that I had when I just simply pressed the “Play” button and it took 10 seconds to start my record because I had 3 effects on 3 instruments. The mere horror and pain you experience. Live fast, die young, but don’t think twice about an audio interface! Did I mention that it also looks cool if you have a metal box thingy that your friends don’t know about? Even on an optical base, it makes you look more serious.


I really hope…

that I could convince you on some level or at least wake you up on what you’re missing. I’m happy if I know that I reached you mentally and that you learned something. Either way, I would be quite hyped if you could tell me what experience you

made so far with or without sound interface and which songs you made or made not. If you need help or have any questions, please let me know. Until then… see you next time!!! =D

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