Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch 2.2.2

I wanna talk with you guys about a plugin that I’ve used for 8 years now.

It’s a free plug-in that you can use in a stand-alone mode.


It gained high success overnight when some random dude decided to use a Justin Bieber track

and to turn it 800% slower to make it a beautiful Ambient track:

Here is the KnowYourMeme article:

Time Stretch 800% Slower – Know Your Meme


Either you wanna do this for swizzle ‘n giggles or getting into an experimental mood, I will show you how you get there.


Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch – Download / Info / Homepage

First of you need to download the file,

open it and you can start thrashing around.


You click “File” and “Open audio file…”.


You look around where your file is stored. You click to your path by selecting the drive and the path.



You select your .mp3 file and double click it.

(It only supports .mp3 and .wav at the moment)

It should be loaded in your program now.

1st Tab – Parameters:

“Stretch” defines how much you want to stretch your song. 1x = normal song length. 10,000 means the song duration is duplicated by 10,000. =O


Below that are three types of stretches from very short to even longer ones that go over years or decades.


The Window size defines the quality you want to put on the stretch. More quality might bring your PC down or crash the program.

The Stretch Multiplier is also an interesting tool. Maybe you want the beginning stretched and the middle part normally played and the end very quick? Just click like shown below:

Down below is the play button, the skip forward button, the pause and the stop button. I think you know what these are.

Right beside that is the timeline. This one might bug around or skip if you have put in to high window size values in there.


2nd Tab – Process:

The tab that I most played and experimented with. Perfect for Drone, Noise and Ambient sound. I won’t give you a tutorial for this. Just play around as you feel like. There is a lot to explore in that segment.

3rd Tab – Binaural Beats:

Binaural Beats are acoustical drugs. There are sites out there that offer every imaginable drug or feeling like “happiness” in an I-Doser or Binaural Beats audio file. 50% of the people say the effects of the stuff is real, 50% don’t. What you basically do is this:

Sound 1 on your left ear vibrates slowly with 50 Hz.

Sound 2 on your right ear vibrates a little quicker with 55 Hz.

Your brain recognizes the differences and you feel anything in this range:

Nothing, nauseous, high, deaf, relaxed, focused, hypnosed, awake.

These are just simple audio files and don’t fall under a certain narcotics law where you can get busted for owning that stuff.

A lot of people and sites recommend a dark and quiet room, good headphones and that you listen and focus on the sound. So you shouldn’t watch a football game or mow your law. 😉

I tried out a few of these files. Some made me tingly other did nothing.

You don’t need to activate that tab, you might skip it if you want.

Watch out with the volume! Don’t you dare to think that the louder you hear the higher you get!

Hearing impairment is a serious issue nowadays even without screwing your ears up on purpose.

Some mastering and mixing peeps even suggest to hear the bare minimum on certain sounds, so you

focus more on what is going on acoustically.

4rd Tab – Write To File:

This is the part where you export your song. The chance to save your experimental works you did. Later on you want to use that exported audio file of yours and drop it as well in another audio program and edit it from there further on.


So far I suggested quiet a few free open source projects. A lot of work, love and dedication goes into those programs.

What I like about programs as such mentioned is that you can decide yourself if you want to support the programmer dude who did this. I think that he won’t be doing so bad, now that he was involved in the meme scene and I also checked out his other site where he offers a fully fledged VST synth completely made by him for 55$.


I think it’s important to know about little programs like these. Either that or you got a big expensive multi functional tool like Cubase, which I might mention in the future as well.


The main flaw with Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch in my opinion is its ugly UI. You can’t switch of that painful gray. On the other hand it conveys a very A E S T H E T I C old-school touch of Windows ME or Windows 98 feeling.


I know that there are other plug-ins out there that cover less functions with buggier execution and they cost you more.


In that regard I know that Magix products don’t enjoy such high ratings. Maybe I might stumble over them in the future.


The amazing thing is how the sound stretcher works. Other sound stretchers can stretch signals in two ways and both aren’t sufficient. The first one keeps the same pitch but makes the sound very metallic and inhumane while the second one sounds natural but goes lower and lower with the sound. Both aren’t practical in use when you stretch them up or down for 20% they’re garbage. With the Paul Stretch you get a theoretical stretching opportunity of 0.0001 second to 1e+018x (3.86595 trillion years) in the example of “User48736353001 – Hypersquij”. Imaging to stretch a sound when you’re twelve and you set it around 80 years and approximately 80 years later you die with that sound. Kinda funny and kinda scary thought, innit?


If any of you guys can recommend quirky beautifully crazy plug-ins like that then I want you to leave a comment to tell me more about them so I can give it a try as well.

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