MY kind of sound! The Yamaha HS 8 Active 2-Way Nearfield Monitor experience.

As you progress with music scores, notation, software, hardware and the general learning and all the aspects that you want to cover for a future in which you’re prepared for any case, you will stumble over problems that you would’ve never thought of.

One part of that is choosing proper speakers, or as professionals in the music industry call it:

Studio Monitors

“Why not just buy expensive Hi-Fi speakers for gamers?”

A studio monitor tries to lie to you as seldom as possible, while Hi-Fi speakers try to emphasize on certain audio aspects when you listen to a song or play a game. The goal is to get as neutral as possible. It is physically not possible at this time to reach pure neutrality, but with studio monitors you get pretty close to that, while “Hi-Fi” speakers don’t even try.

They rather manipulate psychoacoustic and convey the feeling that your song sounds good, just because it does.

So your  goal is to get a neutral view on your sound. You might thing you will hear the best music you never heard before, but in some cases it is quite the opposite! 

This is “raw” and “unprocessed” sound that isn’t counterfeit-like delivered to your ear drums.


Another aspect to look at are (vibrational) modes. Sound waves reflect on most material. Some materials

reflect higher frequencies better, some material reflect lower frequencies better.

You as a human being reflect frequiences yourself.

Either you hire a professional that calculates your weak and strong spots and the professional builds from there,

or you go to a forum and ask around.

That is actually the process I’m in right now.

I got my studio monitors but I lack a Measurement Calibrated Microphone.

In combination with a Room Acoustics Software you get crucial data.

The software will output sounds on your studio monitors and the microphone will detect any delay and reverb

and frequencies that are to strong or to weak.

Progress then to the next step.

Examples of deceptive advertising:

Some sites advertise that they sell little walls for your mic so you don’t have to fix your whole room when you record something. These microphon filters are called “reflexion filters”. Some advertizers managed to lie to a big mass of uninformed and untrained people. They managed to sell you a big fat lie. 

They tell you that they made a special material with 4 or even more layers that filter out the frequencies that your mic is getting and that you won’t have to spend big money on expensive foam and other utilities to fill out your room.

There is still a lot of reflextion of frequencies going on underneath, above and even from both sideways.

This example is perfectly applicable on buying the proper foam for your room in order to make it perfect for recording.

Also: Don’t buy a lot of eggs in order to get egg cartons. They won’t help you either and are even a hazard in regards

to starting a fire because you or one of your friends forgot to turn out your cigarettes. 

Rather ask around in some forums which solution works best.

Try out stuff for yourself and read some books if possible.

This sounds horrid and complex and overwhelming at first, but think about it like this:

You think I wrote this whole piece in 3 hours straight without blinking, breathing, eating, drinking something?

Just do small steps and everything adds up in the end.

You will be glad that you made that decision.

Who knows? Maybe you consider the thought of renting out your studio to make some extra bucks?

That’s quite improbable though, considering the fact that home studios GET LITERALLY CHEAPER by the minute!

An investment over long time:

It’s not just mixing songs in your DAW. It’s also a nice addition when you watch a movie with your friends, if the set allows it or when you come home from a hard days work and want to relax by listening to music. I think I don’t need to mention that this can improve your gaming experience as well, right? Either that or you switch to headphones. The problem with head phones though is, that there is no “physical room” calculated when you produce a track with ’em. So you mix with headphones and show it a friend of yours in his car and suddenly it sounds like total garbage because of the physical properties that got added to your track. 

Final anecdote:

I used to have cheap-ish Creative speakers for around 4 years or so.

When I drove around with my in-ear headphones on my bike, I experienced clearer and better sound and I was always hyped to drive around with my bike, listening to new albums on my smartphone.

When I switched some weeks ago to the Yamaha HS 8 and I started to listen to new albums on my smartphone I thought in the back of my head:’Something isn’t right here. Something sounds off. Did I activate a setting on my smartphone app that lets me perceive sound different, or in that case, worse?

The answer was:

NO. Nothing changed in regards to my mobile “setup” for listening to music.

I know that I look like a phony. Preaching about clear song with studio monitors at home but listening to music

with in-ear headphones when I’m in my car or on my bike.

But at the time it is not possible to make a full room follow you when you drive around.

That might be a cool idea for a video game though ahahahaha.

Nah, I need this cheap fix / subsitute or otherwise I would die of a cold turkey for lacking new music input, which I need daily in high doses in form of listening many hours quietly to new genres.

The problem is that your regular smartphone can’t provide enough current for high end over-ear headphones.

Cheap over-ear or expensive in-ear headphones do the trick for smartphones though.

Either that or you start welding and experimenting on your smartphone.

Long story short:

The sound of my smartphone didn’t get any worse, the sound at home improved so radically that projected it all on my smartphone for being trashy, even though nothing changed in that time, except for my speakers.

Everything sounds crystal clear to me now and hopefully to you soon aswell.

I will always remember that moment when I plugged ’em both in and started to listen to my favourite tunes like this one for instance:

Simian Mobile Disco – Sleep Deprivation

and my eyes filled with tears. I started to cry man. The sound tickled my ears like no tune ever did to me.

I always fell for music, but this time it really hit the spot deep in me. I want everyone to experience something like this.

Share the love.


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Why I wouldn’t and why YOU shouldn’t buy the teenage engineering op-1

Today I wanna tell you something about the iPhone of the synthesizers and keyboards out there.

It is small, handy, slick, elegant, minimalist and complex, and yet it costs way too much money for

these few features in it. I am talking about the op-1, produced by teenage engineering. Terms like

“musical synthesizer” would be not fitting for the category, to be honest.

Source: Russian Wikipedia

I won’t go too much into the details of the specs, as it would be more practical for you to look it up on Wikipedia.

Strangely I didn’t find any information about its dimensions, so here they are:

Dimensions (LxHxD)11.1 x 4.0 x 0.5” (282.0 x 102.0 x 13.5mm)

This article also mentions 50% of important details that the Wikipedia site didn’t mention as well.

The synthesizer got quite popular from the beginning and Teenage Engineering grew fast as a company.

But you always should ask yourself some things…

Do I need it?

There are so many synthesizers out there. What is so special about this one?

“Wasn’t there a time when this was THE meme synthesizer?!”

“Could I spend my money more wisely?”

The answer to this is:

Yes, yes, and yes/no at the same time.

The main pro as I see it, from a perspective of a non-purchaser, is its mobility.

The Keyboard itself is as bis as 3 normally sized smartphones in a row.

It is a light weight, connectable via USB 2.0 and it has that minimalist touch of an Apple product.

It also floats around in that very same price range as a new iPhone X.

Maybe Teenage Engineering started out as a joke. They might have had the goal to build

one of the smallest synthesizers out there that looks like a funny gadget from a Toys “R” Us advertising campaign.

Will you use it once and then throw it back in its box, because you see the limitations in it?

Then there is this saying that pure limitation is the perfect ground to let your creativity grow.

Will it add value, even though I spent money on it?

There is always that certain point you need to reach, to make something worth your money.

Let’s say you buy an apple and you don’t eat it. You spent 2$ for something that would’ve

been nutritious and healthy, but you wasted it. It is the same with hardware and software

that you buy to produce music. Luckily I never spent too much $$$ on music hardware, but

I wasted a couple of bucks on software. So I know that I am not without “sins”.

I also know that I have to make up for it. It is the same with the op-1. I mean sure, you

could do at least 2 or 3 tracks with it easily in any DAW you’d like, but after that…?

There is this great YouTube channel out there called “Red Means Recording“.

That dude got mad skills. So if you think you can compete, go ahead.

I am just joking and messing with you. I just think that 1k is a little much.

You can good a solid PC for 500 bucks, Cubase for 80 bucks, 25$ for the

Cubase Protection stick for 25 dollars and for around 300 bucks you get the


is even in its compact form 20 times more versatile. Plus you have a neat

work station for writing your homework, essays, watching movies and / or play

games on Steam. Maybe all this salt comes from me, because I don’t own one?

If I have the money, I will definitely try one of ’em out. But at the moment the prizes

are getting quite ridiculous. Since the end of 2018 Teenage Engineering stopped

producing the synth. There are collectors synths out there that get sold for 11k.

I am not kidding you guys. 11k for this. This is 1 / 10 of a house. This almost

ranks with eating or burning your money. If I get one for 400$, I will get it.

You might stumble over a cheap sale yourself. Who knows? For live gigs this

might be quite handy though, instead of packing around heavy gear, you

just have to flip the synth in your pocked and your good to go.

Are there alternatives?

Exaggerated speaking: Yes. Everything that is freeware software. From my point of view its

like this, you have to understand software at its basic core and you need to get your hands

on as much software you can get, to understand the inner mechanics of hardware.

As a rule of thumb: Most analog synthesizers are way more expensive than their

digital VST plugin clones. So maybe in 2 or 3 years we might see a OP-1 plugin from

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, u-he, Omnishphere, Arturia or even Teenage Engineering

themselves. Also, good to mention. If you want to make a compromise between

hardware and cheap and even with the tag “same company” in it, then you should check

out one of their musical calculators on their site. You can get the cheapest new models for 60$

Just 3 examples for show:

Teenage Engineering TE010AS020A PO-20 Arcade Pocket Operator

Teenage Engineering TE010AS014 PO-14 Sub Bass Synthesizer & Sequencer

Teenage Engineering TE010AS028A PO-28 Robot Pocket Operator

I must sound like I hate that poor little synthesizer

It just seems irrational to me that they offer their musical calculators so cheaply and the op-1 is a way to pricey.

When you read that Diplo, Avicii, Thom Yorke, Deadmau5 and Tame Impala also use it, you might get the urge to purchase it. With the thought in the back of your mind that goes a little something like this:

“Famous musician X got this instrument. If I get this instrument, I will get as famous as musician x.”

That is indeed partially correct. On the other hand:

How often do you see clips of street drummers that build their drum set from literal trash?

At some point you need to invest in your virtuosity.

If you’re into funny bleep sounds, you might invest once or twice in these calculators or even buy a whole bundle.

A Moog synthesizer is always expensive. Why? Because its sound is hardly ever reachable. That’s what everyone says.

Could you recreated the sound of an OP-1? Probably. With the right now how and enough YouTube demonstration videos, you could rip the sound collages and soundscapes. I think it might be also a fun task. Trying to force one synthesizer to sound like another. That might spice things up for you.

And finally:

You need to decide for yourself if the OP-1 is what you want. Ask your local music shop if you can try it out if they have it, or even a friend purchased it and that’s why you stumbled over here, to get some more background on this piece of gear.

Spoil yourself with a massage and get yourself some proper software. You might not have the feeling for the knobs

when you produce and record and mix and master, but you will have a more straight-forward plan in which direction you are acoustically heading. With that in mind, I thank you for reading my bold statements and hope that you might take away one or two advices that I mentioned in here. Have a nice day.

(Official home page by the way)

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Affiliate marketing, promotion, sales, online business. That kind of stuff.

In this section I will tell you guys about my progress and what I’ve learned so far.

Edit: I tried to focus on affiliate marketing, but my emotional view intersected strongly on this post, since I made a lot of experience in affiliate marketing and Google AdSense. This stuff is not Twilight, but it sure as hell is no dissertation about mathematical correlations to online marketing either. More a therapeutical text for everyone to read.

What happened / what did I expect?

I got some views and comments on my site. I somewhat dug down deeper into “the rabbit hole” of online marketing.  Its ways and methods, people, scams, methods. I got a 9 to 5 job and had a lot of schedules in the mean time. I finished my drivers licence and fixed up some parts on my car. I got fired from my job, not because I am already able to make a living from this stuff right here, but rather because I got a boss that didn’t tread me to well. So since one month I am unemployed. I did some paperwork to get my welfare, I applied for many jobs and informed myself. A lot of stuff was mainly for me to keep me busy. Because I know one thing that is for sure: When you’re unemployed and you don’t make your own schedule for things or you skip one or two or you watch House Of Cards or Game Of Thrones in one of your lonely nights to long… if you do that and you binge-watch your favourite series from 10pm ’till 6am in the morning, than you know that your live is crumbling appart in some manner. Your mood is down because of the unemployment and your day-night-rhythm is off. You feel you’re worthless and start watching more series or start drinking more with friends, make debts, play more online games. Addictive behaviour basically. So you watch yourself going down the downward spiral, thinking:”Didn’t I write like… 10 posts or so? Shouldn’t I be rich at this point? Or am I naive?”. I realized that I was naive. Yeah sure, a lot of people promote online marketing and affiliate stuff, but the same people who promote it, these people are your competition.

Let’s look up estimated numbers…

WealthyAffiliate exists since 1998 or so. I don’t know, something like that. Back in the day it was harder to create a post for your own website and put in ads and affiliate links, sure. On the other hand: There was no competition. 20 years have passed since then. It’s getting easier and easier by the minute to get into affiliate marketing and ads and all that stuff, but in the meantime the competition is growing. The same thing goes for music. I love music. I am an avid music fan since my 14th year of birth. I got my hands on music software back in the days. If I hadn’t got my hands on that software back then… maybe I would’ve worked for different companier or never picked up any kind of interest in the making of music. The number of DJs increase day by day as well as the number of content creators for affiliate marketing and that stuff grows. Keep that in mind. So you better do it like me and immediately start to work your way up in that affiliate plan of yours.

That’s a lot of 1-Dollar Bills!

Upsides and downsides:

I am in an interesting position right now. I am somewhat living in a homeless shelter. I am unemployed. I visit my mother on a daily basis to take a shower there or to dress up or plan a job interview for a job that I might be interested in. That is what I do by day. In the night I focus on my hobby: Making music with new software and hardware. Reading lecture about various subjects and posting on one or two of my blogs and posting on my keyboard website. Keep yourself busy writing and trying out new things on your site. I am unemployed and a little blue at the moment, yes. On the other hand: I finally got my driving licence, good friends that stay behind me, new job opportunities, plans for the future, a full schedule (that still allows me to have fun here and there 😉 ) while staying somewhat fit by talking long walks, listening to music and going to the supermarket by feet-transportation (old school, I know).

New year’s resolutions:

A lot of people get drunk on new year’s eve and they tell their friends that they go to the gym and that they eat healthy, exercise more, pay more attention to their lovers. A friend of mine stopped smoking before new years. He just stopped. He didn’t need any resolutions. Why? Because stuff like that makes you fall again and again into the same trap. “Next year I will start” and after that year it’s again “next year” and so on and on…

Start now or never. That’s the method that worked for a friend of mine.

I did an approach from another angle. I knew 6 months ago that I paid to much for my flat and that I had developed a serious drinking and porn addiction. The way I somewhat fixed it was this: I moved out from my flat. The new sensations and things I had experienced by moving back to my mother again and then to the homeless shelter…

A lot of depressing stuff you might think, but I saw opportunities for me to get humble again, not taking everything for granted. Working on this blog and site more and more. Doing all the things that I wanted to do for the last 3 years. Getting a grip on many things. My problem at the moment isn’t the porn addiction or high rent or old drinking habbits. Nowadays I just wanna seize the day and pull out it’s maximum potential. Keep on doing the good things and reduce slooowly the bad things. Sooner or later you get where you wanted to be. Baby steps. That’s the important thing.


This post should’ve reached you more than me, but somehow I turned this page into a therapeutical autobiography. I never learned writing, but it feels good for me to write. If I feel this way, why shouldn’t you? I want you to write all your stuff down and publish it. Of course not everything personal. You know what I mean. Everything that you wish to put out there. My thoughts are always on this site. I seriously hope to get in contact with more musicians. I want to be a big network of musicians. That is my main function on this planet / site. Music saved my life so many times. I hope it gives you help and comfort as it did for me. In regards to the affiliate stuff: I hope you join, but put in some serious elbow grease to compete with others. Keep yourselve interacting. Only a moving body, is a living body. Don’t put yourselve down for little stuff that happens to everyone.


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